New York City Wedding at Tribeca Rooftop

The view to the Hudson.

Tribeca Rooftop wedding in downtown Manhattan. Some wedding photography...

Getting ready at Tribeca Rooftop - we highly recommend you do this. All the following  are shots on the 'cyc' - (that's a cyclorama to the unitiated - it's a photography thing... Okay, if you must know, it's the backdrop thingy that's curved at the bottom to remove the horizon).

The mean streets of Tribeca for the formals and bridal party photos.

One of the few remaining pieces of street graffiti.

Looking chic on the loading bay.

Blocking traffic...

Cobblestones, second only to train tracks ;)

Jay Z's rooftop.

Amazing florist. Seriously. One of the best ever. Fresh, delicate, chic (that word again). And just down the block from us on 29th Street... contact Dorothy at Cornucopia Flowers.


Some dancing shots. We do take a lot of party pictures but I tend not to post many of them. But we take lots of them. Lots.

Recommended vendor of Tribeca Rooftop* - ask to view our album at the venue.