Using Catherine Leonard Photography has been the best choice for our growing family. From our wedding day to our pregnancy and our children’s christening, they have provided us with the most amazing memories with their ability to capture the most beautiful moments of our lives.


“I cannot say enough good things about Catherine and Alistair!! They were professional from beginning to end, and made us feel completely at ease. It is obvious that they are very passionate about their photography and make sure that they take their time and get the best quality photos possible. They made our wedding day so special by just being a part of it. They both have a great sense of humor and helped us enjoy our day even more. They are both so talented, and it was fascinating just to watch them work together. It was a pleasure working with them, and we hope to use them for photos again in the future!” — EMILY D.


Feel confident that you’ve found your photographers. I’m very picky and Catherine and team have been brilliant at our family events and studio shoots for years. I love how they take the time to truly get to know us, then capture that essence in their work. Their photographs can be straightforward or like artwork worthy of a magazine, and my daughters feel like models throughout the entire process. Catherine is a cutting-edge professional, fun, thoughtful, creative and master of her craft. I feel very grateful that a friend first recommended them to me.” — ILYSSE R.


“Love them, Love them, Love them! Catherine and Alistair did both my engagement pictures and wedding photos. Still waiting on the wedding photos but if they’re anything like my engagement pictures they are going to be amazing! My husband and I had a lot of fun working with them and they are so not “wedding photographers” rather they are true artists and have a real craft for photography which in my book is even better. I suggest them to all of my friends!” — STEPHANIE C.


“We feel so lucky to have found such talented photographers.  Catherine and Alistair were great to work with from our engagement to our wedding day. They captured all of our most precious memories in such a raw, unobtrusive and natural way. Anyone who has seen our pictures always asks “who was your photographer”, because they did an amazing job.  Not only are Catherine and Alistair true professionals, but they are very kind people as well.  When Superstorm Sandy came, we lost all of our wedding photographs along with our wedding album and wedding video and we were devastated.  We reached out to them in hopes that they still had our images in their files.  To our surprise we received a copy of our wedding album in the mail from Catherine and Alistair as a gift. It was such a thoughtful and beautiful thing to do; it brought tears to our eyes.  We are so thankful to have our priceless memories back to share with our family for years to come.  Thank you Catherine and Alistair!” — MELISSA M.


“From the second I walked into Catherine’s studio, I knew I had found my girl. I chose Catherine to shoot my August 10, 2013 nuptials. She captured ever detail all the way from the lacing up of my corset to the last dessert display at our Venetian hour. Not to mention her photographing my Maltese who was dressed for the occasion! Catherine and her team are truly dynamic. Their sense of humor and passion really came through every step of the way, despite the heat and humidity. We took our formals in Fort Wadsworth where the possibilities they presented to us we’re endless and many were very chic. A week before the wedding, she mapped out the agenda for the wedding day and helped me make sure everything went as planned. This was a tremendous load off my shoulders. Brides, look no further,  Catherine Leonard photography will provide you with nothing less than sexy, artistic and creative work with unprecedented customer service.” — ANGELA F.

I just wanted to say Thank You again for making our day truly amazing. You really did a wonderful job capturing some of the most incredible moments of our lives, the emotions, happiness and love. Whenever we look at our pictures we are able to relive our wedding day. Your candids are so alive and speak our love for one another beyond words. We loved working with you guys and can’t wait to do it again for future celebrations!


“There really isn’t a need for a review as Catherine and Alistair’s work speaks for itself–just take a few minutes to browse their website and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

My husband and I used Catherine Leonard Photography for our engagement photo session and wedding photography. I remember questioning how well our engagement photo shoot went when we left that day–did we really get enough “good” shots? was there anything unique about what we did? etc. And after receiving the proofs, we couldn’t have been proven more wrong!  This is what they do best–make something beautiful and creative out of nothing (or at least, what we think is nothing)!  The team at Catherine Leonard is extremely dedicated to their clients and ensuring the final products are award-worthy.  You can tell that they love what they do, by the time and energy and thought that they put into their work, both during shooting and during editing.  Example: we had a mini-destination wedding, about 2.5 hours from NYC.  Catherine and Alistair arrived timely, and did not rush to leave. Not only did they take their time that day, but they lived the entire day, from start to finish with us—they were energetic the entire time, constantly working towards the “best shot” and ensuring we had every moment captured.  And honestly, one of my favorite parts about reviewing our proofs was seeing all of these candid moments/moments that I didn’t even remember happening, that when viewed, brought me back to that very moment from the day. What more could a bride ask for?

Both Catherine and Alistair are professional and creative.  I trust them completely and cannot wait to use them for future photo sessions. Would highly recommend.” — DANIELLE G.


“My husband and I recently got married in October 2013. During our search for photographers, we knew we wanted to steer away from the traditional wedding pictures. Catherine Leonard Photography was exactly what we were looking for! From the moment meeting Catherine, she was able to show us they style we were going for. Catherine and Alistair are the perfect duo! Both engagement and wedding sessions were memorable. The pictures speak for themselves by the amazing work Catherine Leonard Photography provides. My husband and I plan to use Catherine Leonard Photography to capture those special moments to come!” — ANDREA D.


“When my husband and I set out to select our wedding photographer, we knew instantly that we wanted only Catherine and Alistair.  We had previously seen the beautiful pictures from our good friend’s wedding a year prior, so our standards were set quite high and had never seen anything else that even slightly compared.  We wanted candid shots, not the stiff and posed shots that everyone else has – the ones that really captured our personalities.   We were nervous at first, since we are both overly critical of ourselves in photos and feared we would be the ‘unphotogenic’ couple; but were happily proven wrong!  Their dynamic and talent made us feel so comfortable.  One shot was more beautiful than the next.  Our photos truly tell our Wedding Day story, without needing a video.  Our photos are everything I hoped they would be.” — KIMBERLY H.

We used Catherine and Alistair for our wedding, and we would highly recommend them to other couples looking for a photographer. Our engagement and wedding pictures are absolutely beautiful! They were very professional and got all the important pictures. Catherine and Alistair made us feel comfortable and made us laugh while taking our pictures. They did a wonderful job capturing one of the most important days of our lives.