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Boudoir photography is about capturing intimate, sexy, flattering, and sometimes naughty photographs with taste. It’s a growing trend that’s gaining in popularity, and a fabulous way to capture how great you look for posterity or for a special someone.

Boudoir or glamour photography is a great way to express your femininity, achieve a spike in confidence, all the while expressing your inner and outer beauty. Our clients tell us that they may initially feel nervous prior to the shoot but they soon loosen up and really begin to enjoy the experience, gaining in confidence all the time.


Our comfy and intimate studio is the perfect setting for your boudoir shoot – it’s designed specifically with boudoir in mind. We have exceptionally talented hair and makeup artists to glam you up and take care of you when you arrive.

So whether you’re doing it for yourself or wanting to surprise your partner with a little something they won’t forget in a hurry, a boudoir shoot is just the ticket.

We strive to create boudoir images that are tasteful, contemporary, and sexy (hold the cheese). The days of corny glamour are over – thankfully – and the opportunity to look, and feel, like a stunning model are here. Just bring some of your favorite outfits, a smile, and a killer attitude and you’ll have a blast.

All the images taken on your boudoir shoot are kept strictly confidential and are not displayed publicly or on websites. The images are seen only by the photographer and retoucher. We do not blog client images except unless we receive the client’s consent.


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Call us on 800.292.3092 or email boudoir@celimages.com
if you have further questions and booking.

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Mini FAQ:

Do you supply lingerie or outfits?
We recommend that you bring your own outfits for the shoot – as those pieces will fit you best. You’re free to use our small rack of accessories if you so choose. We have a selection of shoes, jewelry, hats, scarves, the odd babydoll and corset, various sheer blouses and selected clothing pieces.

Do you shoot couples boudoir?
Yes we do.

How far in advance can I book my boudoir photography shoot?
You can book as far in advance as you like, or you can shoot tomorrow. We photograph clients every week and most days in our studio so we are extremely flexible.

Can you do a less risque shoot?
We certainly can. A lot of our clients want a very feminine and sexy portrait they can display in their homes and we’re happy to do that.

Where is your NYC boudoir studio located?
Our studio is on 29th Street in Manhattan, and designed with boudoir in mind.

What boudoir products can I buy?
We offer a boudoir magazine look book, quality leather & silk matted albums, coffee table books, images on disc, calendars, prints & frames, and digital images.


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